Multi-Currency Processing Solutions

By avoiding high currency exchange rates often charged by acquirers, merchants can enhance profitability. The ability to offer customers the option to pay in their preferred currency fosters trust and confidence in online transactions.
Wide Range of Currencies

Axcess offers a comprehensive selection of 179 available currencies, enabling merchants to tap into international markets and expand their customer base effortlessly.

Avoid High Exchange Rates

Our Multi-Currency Processing Solutions help businesses bypass high currency exchange rates often charged by acquirers, leading to cost savings and improved profitability.

Ideal for Subscription Services

Tailored for subscription-based models, our solution strengthens card sales, cash flow, and business profitability.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Offering international customers the option to pay in their preferred currency enhances trust and confidence in online transactions, fostering stronger customer relationships.

Flexible for International Expansion

Whether you're planning to expand from a domestic market to an international one or already operating globally, Axcess facilitates smooth currency transactions across borders.

Diverse Card Compatibility

Axcess Multi-Currency solutions seamlessly accommodate various cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and country-specific cards, ensuring a versatile and inclusive payment experience.

Streamlined Payment Experience

Our payment page supports 25 different languages, simplifying integration and providing a seamless payment experience for customers worldwide.

Real-Time Reporting Tools

Gain real-time insights and access to historical data through robust reporting tools, catering to merchants of all scales, from startups to multinational enterprises.

Direct Currency Settlement

Axcess ensures that acquiring banks settle transactions directly in the specified currency, eliminating losses from fluctuating exchange rates and additional fees.

Adaptable Payment Pages

Our platform offers easily adaptable and transferable payment pages that can be customised to accommodate any language, ensuring a tailored user experience.

Global Expansion Empowerment

Axcess Multi-Currency Processing Solutions enable businesses to unleash their potential in the global marketplace, optimise transactions, and deliver seamless payment experiences across different countries and regions.

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