What kind of rates am I looking at?

This can vary greatly depending on the acquirer you are with, the business model of your company and the level of that you require. Contact us to discuss your needs and the type of rates and fees that will apply.

How many banks do you connect to?


What countries can I process payments in and from?

Our gateway is able to process payments from anywhere in the world as long it is approved by your acquiring bank. The acquirer you are connected to will look at your business model and take into account any legislative restrictions that apply to certain products and services. These legislations may affect where you can take payments from and where you can supply goods or service. Contact us to find out more.

What type of credit cards can I process?

The Axcess gateways are able to process the following card types. However, it is often best to come to us with an idea of which types you will need to process so that we can find you an acquirer that meets your needs. Acquirers can vary greatly in the services they provide, including which card types they support, so finding the right acquiring bank is an essential first step.

MasterPass Visa Debit Postepay
Cabal Payfair Cardfinans
Visa Credit Card Visa Electron World
Laser Card Discover Card Solo
VPAY 4B Switch
JCB Card ELO Maximum
Asyacard Postfinance Karte Direct Delta
Dankort EURO6000 Diners Card
Carte Bleue Servired Advantage
Bonus Carte Bancaire Axess
AMEX Maestro Card Mastercard

What currencies can I process?

We support over 170 world currencies.

Do you only have one gateway?

No. Currently we have two options available for our merchants and can help you decide which would suit your needs best once you have your acquiring bank in place,

What kind of payments can I process through your gateway?

That depends on which gateway you chose. Our Card Payments Gateway only processes card payments. Our omnichannel gateway allows you to process many types of payments including Card Payments, Direct Debit Payments, Bank Transfer, e-Wallet Payments, PayPal, Banco Valero, and many more.

Can I put together reports on my processing history and transaction data through your gateway?

Yes. With our omnichannel gateway you have a high level of control over the current and historical data that you can export, down to the smallest details of the transaction and going as far back as 13 months.

Can I store card details using your gateways?

Yes. Both of our gateways allow you to store card details using a tokenisation method that is often referred to as recurring or instalment payments. It’s worth noting though that your acquirer also needs to support this method of processing payments.

Are my customer’s details safe?

Both of our gateways are PCI Level 1 compliant to ensure that all sensitive data is stored securely. We have a complex network of firewalls, anti-virus checks and frequent system updates to provide maximum protection against data hacking. Contact us if you would like to see a copy of our system schematics and security processes.

Do the payments happen in real time?

Yes. Both of our gateways process credit and debit card payments within seconds. The entire transaction, from the moment your customer clicks on the ‘Pay Now’ button, to having the customer’s bank approve the payment and return the successful payment message, can be processed in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds so that the customer knows there and then that they have made their purchase successfully. We do of course rely on the internet connections and server speeds of other institutes to be working to the same standard as ours, which means on occasion we do experience slower speeds as we wait for an acquirer or issuing bank to respond, but even in these situations your customer generally won’t be waiting more than a few seconds.

How do I protect my business from fraudulent transactions?

The first recommendation we would make is to apply 3D Secure to all your online payments, a feature designed by Visa and MasterCard to give the merchant protection against fraudulent transactions. We can also apply one of our many risk protocol to your account to block potentially unsafe transactions and notify you. Contact us for more information.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a negative value transaction on your account that has been initiated by one of your customers. Any customer can call their card issuing bank to request their money back should they feel one of the following applies to them:
– They do not recognise the transaction;
– They have returned goods but have not received a refund; goods they ordered were not delivered within guaranteed timeframe;
– A service has not been provided or provided to the standard requested;
– Many other reasons.

Can you help me if I experience chargebacks on my account?

Yes. We work closely with our acquiring banks to fully understand their chargeback defence processes. This means we can guide you through what you need to do to defend your chargebacks and potentially recoup some of your lost funds. We can also work with you to discuss how to reduce your chargeback and refund levels in general. This may include slight changes to your internal processes or business model. Please see our consultancy service page for more details on what we can do to help you and your business.

What happens if I want to change my acquiring bank while using one of your gateways?

That’s not a problem. Provided your new acquirer is one of the 300+ that we support, we can add in your new merchant account details and redirect your processing to the new bank, with little to no technical effort required on your part.

What happens when I want a rate review? Who do I speak to?

Because you have a support agreement with us here at APS, you can call us anytime you need to discuss rates and fees and we’ll work with your acquirer on your behalf to reduce these rates. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork should any contract amendments be needed so that all you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

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